The doctor is so great with my kids. Especially my one year old. He makes the visit go so smoothly. The staff is also very helpful and friendly.

Michelle S.

Dr Brett and his staff were amazing. I will recommend all of my friends!

Mr. Magico

My daughter had extreme anxiety/meltdowns at the regular dentist to the point that they could not examine her at all. They referred us to Dr. Brett and he was so good with helping her to overcome her anxieties.

Dr. Brett blew me away with his instincts and skill with dealing with my child's anxiety and creates the most positive, comfortable and fun educational experience possible for a young kid who is terrified of the dentist. She's progressed so much in the last couple years and actually looks forward to going to the dentist.

Thank You Dr. Brett!

Dawn G.

This was my daughter's first time to the dentist, she is 3, and at first I thought she wasn't going to let the dentist look at her teeth. But he was so good with her and patient, she let him clean her teeth and examine them as well. Highly recommend them.

Tiffany H.

This place is so friendly .. my kids were afraid of the dentist before coming here. Now they get excited to go! Highly recommend

Erica R.

Dr Brett was amazing with my apprehensive daughter. Her first dentist experiences weren't very pleasant, They always just held her down and she screamed, cried and kicked. Dr Brett took the extra time to help her understand and make her comfortable. I will be recommending them to everyone I know. Thank you Dr Brett and the Childrens Dental Center

Jessica S.

Doc and staff are amazing with children, Great explanations the Dr. And staff have patients of a saint with the children.

Bill N.

Been going there with my children over 13 yrs great people and well maintained.

Ru M.